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European regulatory cases: an update


As has become a habit, Salvatore d’Acunto, Head of Unit of the Health Technology and Cosmetics DG Grow, came to the Cosmetics Europe Annual Conference held in Brussels last June 13-14, 2018, to make an update on the European Commission’s regulatory work. On his agenda, again, as usual: claims, animal testing, CMRs, nanos, endocrine disruptors, microplastics, allergen labelling, and Lisbonisation…

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‘It has been five years since our Cosmetics Regulation came into force,’ emphasized Salvatore d’Acunto, ‘and we are delighted to see that it is a major tool, both for the European cosmetics industry and consumers. And it is no coincidence if it now serves as a model across the world. The European Commission is its guardian and does not consider it as an object of confrontation between consumers and the industry, although this approach is sometimes highlighted as regards a few cases, but rather as a safety guarantee for the former, and a success guarantee for the latter. Still, there are many outstanding issues, with ongoing debates between the industry, consumers, and the Member States, but I see them as part of a partnership, even when certain discussions seem complicated.’

After this introduction, the DG Grow Head of Unit focused on the main cases under study: ‘This year, I have no major announcement to make,’ he warned, ‘although the Commission’s services have been working hard on many cases.’


The working group on this issue presented a Technical Document including new recommendations for the ‘Hypoallergenic’ and ‘Free from […]’ claims, which was published last July and brought to the attention …

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