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How to increase the recyclability of packaging?

Comment améliorer la recyclabilité des packagings ?

The issue of packaging and its environmental impact is part of consumers’ complaints to the industry. They do not only want a cleaner cosmetic, they also demand that it be more respectful of nature… and this obviously goes through the pack. During the JEST 2019 organized by Cosmed, Claire Pelletier, project manager at CITEO, shared some tips to better eco-design its packaging.

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“Today, there is a real mistrust of packaging,” says Claire Pelletier. “Consumers are increasingly aware of its impact on the planet, because it is immediately assimilated to waste. However, we forget its fundamental role, which is to protect the product. Once the content has been used, the container remains. That is why he is being pointed out and also criticized. But the challenge for companies must be clear: improve the quality of packaging to meet environmental issues without impacting the condition of what it contains.”

The keys to eco-design

Lighten packaging
The less material we put in, the less waste we create. To lighten a packaging, it is possible to work on reducing the thickness or density of the pack. “That’s what Dove did with his bottles. The brand had injected air bubbles in order to extend the plastic and therefore limit its use,” illustrates Claire Pelletier.

Other options include removing certain elements from the pack, setting up collection and deposit systems or compressing packaging. “Once again, it was Dove who launched this movement of compacted deodorants. They have opened their patents so that competition can learn from them,” she adds.

Improve the recyclability of packaging
In a study conducted …

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