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In-Cosmetics 2016: new solutions for preservation (2/2)

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What solutions can formulators use to preserve cosmetics within the current context of crisis that imposes a limited number of ‘possible’ substances? Several of them were presented at the Paris edition of In-Cosmetics, and here are some of the most interesting.

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Naama Eylon, Business Unit Manager at Sharon Laboratories , an Israeli company specialized in preservation solutions for cosmetics, came to In-Cosmetics to introduce a new active that meets ‘ consumers’, marketing departments’ and formulators’ expectations in the context of the “free from… everything” trend .’

Parabens, formaldehyde releasers, methylisothiazolinone… the speaker started by confirming there is indeed a ‘free from’ trend, although it is not as strong, depending which country you live in. Still, ingredient suppliers must take it into account.

Different expectations to be met

Marketing, formulators, consumers: these three players in cosmetics preservation have very different perspectives.

Their top priority is to develop a ‘safe’ product, and this aspect must be validated in accordance with scientific methods. To this aim, they search for reliable preservation solutions… also compatible with the formula in terms of smell, stability, texture, etc.

Of course, marketing departments also want safe products, but they mainly want consumers to like them… which means they have quite a different vision from that of formulators, Naama Eylon emphasized.

Today, if they are the most influential players in terms of …

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