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Natural and organic cosmetics: the stakes involved in the future ISO standard

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The future ISO standard on natural and organic cosmetics has not even been finalized, and it already triggers very contradictory debates. It will serve as a supplement to the private labels that currently govern the sector on their own, as it will provide the definitions and calculation methods to characterize a natural and/or organic cosmetic product. Anne Dux came to present it at the 13th edition of the regulatory congress held last November 18-19 in Chartres, France.

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Anne Dux did not come to the congress as FEBEA’s Director of Scientific and Regulatory Affairs, but as the President of AFNOR’s working group, as the association is taking part in drafting the standard on natural and organic cosmetic ingredients and products.
She started her presentation by providing the context of the text’s publication.

The organic and natural market

‘It is a global market,’ the speaker reminded. It represents (both for natural and organic products) about 7.7 billion euros, that is, 2.3% of the overall cosmetics market, and it shows a strong, 10% growth every year, which is very appealing to the cosmetics industry.
The largest market share is in Asia Pacific. Then, there is Brazil, Europe, and the United States. ‘These four geographic areas are represented in the ongoing discussions on the natural and organic standard,’ she underlined, before explaining that ‘Japan, India, Brazil, and the United States are particularly active. If the chairman of ISO’s working group is Japanese, the Project Manager is Spanish. And France and the other Member States of the European Union also count a lot in negotiations.’
Indeed, Europe represents over a third of the market, as natural and organic products account for 3.8% …

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