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Safe or contactless: packagings after Covid

Safe ou sans contact : les packagings d'après Covid

The coronavirus crisis has exacerbated the fear of infection. As a result, human contact in stores is limited… which can be a slight concern for the cosmetics industry given the need to try on textures and smell fragrances. During the e-Journée de la Beauté, Éva Lagarde, Marketing & Business Development Director, Premium Beauty News, presented the latest touchless packaging innovations… guaranteed bacteria-free.

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With the proliferation of Covid-19, the need to protect against disease and contamination has never been more paramount. As a result, consumers are waiting for packaging that ensures product safety.
“Alongside these considerations, there is also a growing concern about the use of single-use plastics. Sustainable packaging solutions are therefore even more important today”, explains Éva Lagarde.
Among the latest innovations in the sector, the marketing director has chosen to present three of them.

Meiyume’s distributor This is a system that allows the product (perfume or cream) to be delivered by means of a motion sensor. You just have to pass your hand in front of the receiver, without having to touch the packaging.
“For the moment, this product is under development,” says Éva Lagarde.

IDscent testers
In 2019, the company released a sampling concept for the perfumery sector based on infused paper.
“This product is totally safe. Moreover, it is recyclable as it is 100% paper,” she adds.

Samples from Livcer
The manufacturer has developed two types of products for the make-up industry. On the one hand, there are fully recyclable single-material pods.
“It’s quite rare to find samples made of one and the same material. We know that …

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