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The impact of skin problems on quality of life

L'impact des problèmes de peau sur la qualité de vie

Acute acne flare-ups due to wearing the mandatory mask put the delicate issue of skin disorders back on the table. But skin disorders are not just about that and have a real negative impact on the psyche and the way we perceive everyday life. In order to raise awareness of the collateral consequences of skin problems, La Roche-Posay organized an international webinar on 24 November 2020.

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Currently, nearly two billion people in the world suffer from skin diseases, a quarter of the population. Irritations, drought, acne, dermatitis… the ailments are numerous as well as the impact on the quality of life.

More locally, in France :
• 3.3 million people suffer from acne
• 2.5 million people suffer from eczema
• 2.4 million people with psoriasis
• 2.3 million people suffer from scalp diseases

Data from Laroche Posay indicate that among patients suffering from acne :
• 46% had a work stoppage
• 45.2% are embarrassed by their dermatosis in their personal life
• 39.2% are embarrassed by their dermatosis in their professional life
• 80% of teens and 40% of adults say they are affected by their acne
• 71% lose self-confidence or become more shy
• 67% complain of traces, 37% of scars
• 44% report a recurrence of their acne

In the face of these relapses, they express feelings of fatality (35%), anger (31%) and frustration (15%).

For those with psoriasis :
• 77% report an alteration in their quality of life
• 28% say they tend to withdraw into themselves
• 30% have already experienced a feeling of discouragement about daily life …

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