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Hemp, coriander: these "new" vegetable oils which prove their cosmetic interest

Justine Thuleau, de Symrise, et Catherine Kern, de Seppic

They are natural, produced according to simple and non-polluting processes from seeds harvested in the fields next to the manufacturing plant. They are trendy or atypical, attract the attention and support of consumers and tell great stories. So are vegetable oils “all good”? From an environmental and marketing point of view, without a doubt! But what about their cosmetic interest? During the Lipids & Cosmetics congress organized by Cosmetic Valley and Iterg on January 29th and 30th in Bordeaux, Justine Thuleau, from Symrise, and Catherine Kern, from Seppic, came to present the evidence of the activity and efficiency of their hemp and coriander oils.

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Hemp oil: trendy, soothing and moisturizing

It has been in Symrise’s portfolio for the past two years, which continues to study it to highlight all its cosmetic properties, and for Justine Thuleau, it is a real opportunity for the industry.

The trend first appeared in the food sector, with drinks, biscuits or cereals containing hemp extracts… With the buzz on social networks, she has won over cosmetics and several brands already market hemp-based products, such as The Body Shop, which has designed a whole range around this plant.

Why choose hemp?

Hemp is a very old plant, first cultivated in the region of present-day Taiwan and for more than 10,000 years.
Today, it is used to make ropes or clothes, in plastics and paper or car interiors, and therefore also in foodstuffs and cosmetics.
Industrial hemp belongs to the species Cannabis sativa, and particularly strains that contain a very low level of THC, the substance responsible for the psychoactive effects of certain varieties.
Symrise hemp oil is obtained by cold pressing the seeds and has no psychoactive properties.

The regulatory challenge

“Before launching this product, Symrise took a tour of the various regulations applicable around the world,” said Justine Thuleau. …

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