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Monday, September 28, 2015Congresses

The new Chinese consumer

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China is changing. Fast. And so are its consumers. So, how can brands decipher trends to meet their new expectations? How can they capture what thrills them in time, and offer them cosmetic products that will seduce them and make them dream? This is what the conference presented by Dao Nguyen, founder of the Essenzia agency, dealt with at the Beyond Beauty show.

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After 15 years of experience in the luxury industry, Dao Nguyen founded Essenzia to guide brands through developing their growth strategies abroad, in particular in Asia. She explained her expertise led her to ‘ explore the collective identity in order to understand today’s weak signals that will have a strong impact tomorrow’ .
She chose to structure her presentation around five stories that recently thrilled Chinese people, in order to both bring out what triggered their reactions, and the lessons brands can draw from them, to find out how they can take advantage of them.

The 3 M rule

Within the context of a slowdown, devaluation, and anti-corruption laws, one can be a little pessimistic regarding China’s growth prospects. Which is not necessarily legitimate, according to the speaker, who specified the Chinese market presents two different dimensions:
• On the local level, on a surface area 17 times larger than France, with 1.4 billion inhabitants, and a growth that is now driven by internal consumption, which authorities definitely intend to support
• On the global level, with over 170 million Chinese people travelling around the world today, who spent 264 billion dollars abroad last year. And it is just the …

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