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Tuesday, April 4, 2023Congresses

The new organisation of French cosmetics control authorities

La nouvelle organisation des autorités de contrôle cosmétiques

The reform was enacted at the very end of 2022, through a provision inserted in the 2023 Finance Act. As of 1 January 2024, the ANSM will leave the cosmetic game and be replaced by the ANSES, still alongside the DGCCRF. But this is not an identical replacement, since the distribution of roles will change between the two future authorities in charge of cosmetics. During the Rencontres Réglementaires organised by COSMED on 21 March 2023, Ambroise Pascal, from the DGCCRF, detailed the future organisation.

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It is following work, in particular by the General Inspectorates of Social Affairs and Finance, that a transfer of the missions previously occupied by the ANSM was decided. In the future, the DGCCRF will be in charge of market surveillance and the ANSES will take over the evaluation of ingredients and cosmetovigilance.

As a reminder, France used to have two market surveillance authorities, the ANSM and the DGCCRF.
“The DGCCRF was already quantitatively responsible for the vast majority of inspections, in particular thanks to the existence of a network of decentralised control services that the ANSM did not have,” Ambroise Pascal explained. “The ANSM used to carry out some of the most specialised inspections, in particular those relating to Good Manufacturing Practices. But in recent years, the ANSM had become relatively disengaged from the sector, and carried out fewer and fewer inspections.”

Moreover, the work of the General Inspectorate of Social Affairs had pointed out the limits of the cosmetovigilance system which was the responsibility of the ANSM and its insufficiencies to ensure the safety of consumers on the French market. It is for this reason that the reform was decided.

This evolution will lead to a single market surveillance …

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