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Aluminum: the SCCS revises... and confirms its Opinion

Aluminium : le CSSC révise… et confirme son Opinion

On 27 March 2014, the SCCS published its Opinion on aluminium in cosmetic products… and did not take a stand. After the commenting period of six weeks, the experts revised their text… without changing a comma to its conclusion.

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On 27 March, the conclusion of the SCCS on aluminium safety was:
‘Aluminium is a known systemic toxicant at high doses.
The SCCS is of the opinion that due to the lack of adequate data on dermal penetration to estimate the internal dose of aluminium following cosmetic uses, risk assessment cannot be performed.
Therefore internal exposure to aluminium after skin application should be determined using a human exposure study under use conditions.
Confusion exists with respect to the correct terminology for underarm deodorants that are actually present on the market since they often contain both, typical deodorant as well as typical antiperspirant ingredients.’

This Opinion has been revised, and confirmed, during the 6th plenary meeting of the SCCS on 18 June 2014, leaving the debate in the state.
See the article Aluminium: the SCCS will not take a stand (15 April 2014).

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