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Monday, October 16, 2023ECHA

France submits an intention to restrict Octocrylene

La France soumet une intention de restriction de l'Octocrylene

On 11 October 2023, the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) published France’s intention to introduce restrictions on the marketing of mixtures containing Octocrylene, a UV filter used in sunscreen products and other cosmetics. Stakeholders have one year to submit evidence justifying derogations from this measure.

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This intention is being made under the REACH Regulation.
France justifies it on the grounds of the environmental risks for non-target organisms being in the aquatic compartment (freshwater, seawater) including sediment and for human drinking water consumers by groundwater contamination.
It is specified that the risks are mainly observed for the specific use of octocrilene as UV filter in cosmetic ingredients.

ECHA indicates that stakeholders are requested to provide relevant information to the Dossier Submitter: “If justified based on robust risk and socio-economic information the Dossier Submitter may propose derogations from the proposed restriction,” the Agency explains. “If a derogation is not proposed by the Dossier Submitter then it will be incumbent on the relevant stakeholders to do so during any consultation process with a full risk and socio-economic justification accompanying it.”
Submission of the restriction dossier to ECHA is scheduled for 4 October 2024.

As a reminder, Octocrylene (No.CAS: 6197-30-4; No.EC: 228-250-8) is already limited by European Regulation 1223/2009 to a maximum concentration of 9% in propellant spray products and 10% in other products.

REACH, New restriction intention submitted, ECHA Weekly, 11 October 2023
Registry of restriction intentions until outcome, Octocrilene, ECHA, 11 October …

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