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Monday, September 4, 2023ECHA

Propylparaben, Sodium chlorite: ECHA publishes the CoRAP evaluation conclusions

Propylparaben, Sodium chlorite : l'ECHA publie les conclusions des évaluations CoRAP

In the summer of 2023, ECHA published the conclusions of the evaluations carried out as part of the CoRAP (Community rolling action plan) for Sodium Chlorite (an oral hygiene agent and oxidant) and Propylparaben (a preservative). In both cases, the evaluating Member States argued for the need for regulatory action.

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Sodium Chlorite

Sodium chlorite (CAS: 7758-19-2, EC: 231-836-6, INCI: Sodium Chlorite, CosIng functions: Oral care, Oxidising) has been incorporated into the CoRAP to clarify the following concerns:
• Suspected mutagenic
• Suspected reprotoxic
• Exposure of workers
• Wide dispersive use
Its evaluation was attributed to Hungary.

The information available on the substance led it to conclude in favour of a CLH classification: “Based on the available information, harmonised classification and labelling of the Substance is deemed warranted for acute toxicity (Acute Tox. 3, H301 and Acute Tox. 2, H310), skin corrosion (Skin Corr. 1B, H314), eye damage (Eye Dam. 1, H318), repeated dose toxicity (STOT RE 2, H373) and mutagenicity (Muta 2, H341). Although the Registrant has already self-classified the Substance as Acute Tox. 3 (H301), Acute Tox. 2 (H310), Skin Corr. 1B (H314) and STOT RE 2 (H373, spleen), the evaluating Member State considers harmonised classification and labelling as warranted due to divergence in the notified self–classifications.”

If the classification process is completed, the substance would be added to the list of CMR substances (Muta 2), which would threaten its future use in cosmetic products, in application of Article 15 of Regulation 1223/2009.


Propyl 4-hydroxybenzoate (CAS: 94-13-3, …

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