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Citeo recalls the 10 commandments of eco-design

Citeo rappelle les 10 commandements de l'écoconception

The eco-organization expert in recycling had a stand at the Édition Spéciale by Luxe Pack trade show, whose theme was eco-responsibility. Citeo, which often acts as an advisor to manufacturers to help them in their environmental transition, took advantage of its presence on site to remind visitors and exhibitors of the golden rules for designing the most sustainable packs and thus promote their recycling.

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Before imagining a package, it is necessary to think about the aftermath. Citeo has therefore listed the essential points, depending on the base material, to keep in mind when a company wishes to develop a packaging.

When a company designs a glass packaging, Citeo advises to:
• Choose traditional (i.e. soda-lime) lenses, preferably “white”
• Minimize the size of the anti-theft labels
• Make the scenery clear
• Use low-tack adhesives

On the contrary, Citeo advises against the use of:
• Ceramic
• Porcelain
• Sandstone (infusible)
• Technical lenses (not soda-lime)
• Non-translucent or very dark glasses

To have a paper or cardboard pack as recyclable as possible, Citeo invites to :
• Increase the share of paper and cardboard (limit the quantity of other associated materials)
• Reduce the amount of inks, glues and heavy metals
• Prefer inks without mineral oils
• Reduce the lamination to maximize the fiber part
• Use paper cords for small bags and ribbons
• Reduce the weight and size of tissue papers

On the other hand, you should avoid:
• Reinforced cardboard (malus in the Citeo contribution)
• Paper and cardboard packaging with less than 50% fibre content
• …

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