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Tuesday, October 18, 2022Ecoresponsability

Seram dresses perfume bottles

Seram habille les flacons de parfum

Consumption patterns are changing and brands are offering more and more refillable bottles. And since the beauty industry is synonymous with pleasure, these new uses must be made desirable. To address this issue, Seram (a company specializing in bottle decoration) has developed a range of decorative rings that can be “clipped” directly onto the bottle.

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In essence, perfume is a product that appeals to all the senses. Generally, brands compete with creativity to propose original bottles, at the height of their fragrances.

But at a time when consumption patterns are changing, it is necessary to review the copy.
Why not dress (and undress!) your bottle as you like, like you would a Barbie doll? This is the solution proposed by Seram. The concept is very simple. It consists of small rings that are inserted into the sprayer. The “clips” are not attached, so they can be changed very easily by the consumer.

“This creates engagement. Brands can offer new models for sale and thus allow their customers to change the look of their bottle,” explains the company.

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