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Tuesday, January 3, 2023Ecoresponsability

The cosmetics industry at the time of the sustainable pack

L'industrie cosmétique à l'heure du pack durable

To curb the problem of waste management, beauty professionals are turning to green packaging solutions. To help spread the word and inspire finished product brands, The Upcycled Beauty Company has listed the latest innovations in responsible packaging.

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The question of the durability of the pack is central. Today, 91% of consumers say they prefer to have a product with little packaging. 50% of them are less likely to buy a cosmetic if its packaging is not environmentally friendly. Finally, 74% of citizens worldwide say they are willing to pay more if the packaging is green.

Biobased materials
“Biobased plastics, derived from natural resources such as recycled food waste or wood cellulose, are durable, compostable and versatile enough to accommodate various categories of care. Innovations in this area are constant and there are many ideal options for beauty products today.”

This material is infinitely recyclable, making it the perfect candidate.
According to The Upcycled Beauty Company, 75% of the aluminum produced to date is still in use in the marketplace. *It has excellent protective properties by providing a metallic barrier that is impervious to light, ultraviolet rays, water vapor, oils and grease, oxygen and microorganisms.

“Naked” skin care
The fashion for solid cosmetics continues. Shampoos, shower gels, cleansers… more and more care products are becoming “breads” and no longer need to be packaged.
Another trend is packs that dissolve in water. The Plus brand has launched a …

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