Monday, November 30, 2015Ecoresponsability

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On the sidelines of COP 21, which starts this Monday 30 November in Paris, the GfK Research Institute is publishing the results of a survey that shows that environmental values are important for consumers everywhere in the world. The French are among the first to demand that companies take responsibility for the environment.

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GfK surveyed 28,000 people aged 15 and over in 23 countries about certain attitudes related to the environment. More than 3/4 (76%) believe that brands and companies should be eco-responsible, while slightly less than 2/3 (63%) say they feel guilty when they do something that does not protect the environment and only buy products and services in line with their beliefs, values and ideals. 14% feel no guilt if they do not act in favour of the environment and 11% indicate that they do not only buy products and services that correspond to their values. In the current context of very strong price competition, everything that brands can do to be in tune with consumers will help them emerge and build loyalty. Consumers want to be able to spend their money with companies they approve, and these teachings reveal an opportunity for business.

Brands must be eco-responsible

At the international level, more than 3/4 of women (78%) and 3/4 of men (75%) consider that brands and companies must be responsible towards the environment. This figure includes 28% who strongly agree, with women being even more convinced by this cause (29% vs. 26% for men). Whatever the age category, consumers are …

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