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CSR: which brands are the most appreciated by the French?

RSE : quelles sont les marques les plus appréciées des Français ?

Corporate social responsibility is on everyone’s mind. Consumers are saying loud and clear that they expect brands to be committed and ethical. And to better understand the general public’s perceptions on the subject, the consulting firm Advent has conducted a barometer. Jérôme Neveu, founder of the firm, presented some of the results at the WEG Beauty Day, held in Paris on September 22, 2021.

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To make this barometer, Advent surveyed 1,000 French people over the age of 18, in June 2021. The firm also reviewed 31 cosmetic brands with its Eco-Responsible Scan, the CSR measurement tool developed by Advent that analyzes social and environmental performance.

Beauty and the French

Jérôme Neveu explains that cosmetics is the fourth most important sector for the French, after food, health and the environment.

For them, beauty is synonymous with:
• Hygiene
• Pleasure
• Correction of imperfections
• Opportunity to seduce

According to the barometer, the most important areas to take care of are (in order):
• The face
• The teeth
• The hair
• The hands
• The feet

Results of the barometer

First, the Advent team looked at the reasons why the French appreciate brands.

We find:
• Quality of service and products
• Environmental commitment
• Innovation
• Imagination linked to care
• After-sales service
• Economic performance
• Embodiment by the leaders
• Social commitment
• Partnerships

On the issue of CSR, Advent focused on environmental and social commitment.
On the first theme, the favorite brands of the French are:
• So Bio (first place)
• Puressentiel
• Yves Rocher

Concerning the social …

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