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Wednesday, May 31, 2023Ecoresponsability

Germans in the age of sustainability

Les Allemands à l'heure de la durabilité

How does the general public combine everyday life and the climate crisis? What are their expectations of “responsible” beauty products? To answer these questions, the German Association for Cosmetics, Toiletries, Fragrances and Detergents (IKW) commissioned the market research agency rheingold salon to gain a better understanding of how Germans approach sustainability.

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The survey involved 1120 adult men and women.

Germans are becoming increasingly aware of the environmental situation. For 84% of the respondents, ecology has become a key issue. For 20% of them, it is even the most important issue of our time.
The interest of the youngest respondents is even more pronounced.

The study highlights the difficulty Germans have in really knowing which topics can be associated with sustainability. For them, waste management, access to drinking water, biodiversity, reduction of CO2 emissions or animal welfare are among them.

From awareness to action

“People feel the need to live in a more sustainable way. However, very few people surveyed manage to take the plunge immediately,” explains rheingold salon.

71% of them try to reduce their waste and be careful with their plastic use. 59% say they place more importance on seasonal or organic products when shopping. This number increases to 34 when it comes to choosing a cosmetic.

All roads lead to sustainability

As sensitive as they are to the environmental emergency, Germans have different ways of contributing to the collective effort. Some consumers take the “less is more” route and limit their carbon footprint by traveling less (66% of …

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