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Wednesday, October 6, 2021Ecoresponsability

Sustainability: Mintel's 2021 barometer.

Durabilité : le baromètre 2021 de Mintel

Mintel conducted a study to track consumer behaviors, buying preferences and attitudes towards sustainability. The objective is for brands to better identify the expectations of their targets and to make the best decisions regarding the theme of eco-responsibility.

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A small majority of people around the world believe that by acting now, it is still possible to change the fate of the planet (e.g., 64% in Brazil, 53% in France, 51% in India, 50% in the United States).
This optimism is closely linked to the feeling that consumer choices can make a difference. For brands, the opportunity is to become the preferred partners of these consumers who are looking to evolve,“ comments Mintel. “Marketers focus on Millennials, who are the core target audience for sustainability, but those 55 and older almost universally agree that their behavior ‘can have a positive effect on the environment.’ Scores for those over 55 are at least six percentage points higher than the average for all age groups.”

Consumers are sensitive to the impact of products on the planet. To illustrate its point, Mintel indicates that before buying a soap, 43% of citizens make sure that it does not contain any ingredients harmful to biodiversity and 35% pay attention to the packaging chosen by the brand.

Blame it on the company
Consumers hold companies more accountable than governments on a range of environmental and social objectives.
The good news for the beauty industry is …

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