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Monday, December 18, 2023European Commission

1 substance, 1 assessment: the European Commission adopts three legislative proposals

1 substance, 1 évaluation : la Commission européenne adopte trois propositions législatives

On 7 December 2023, the European Commission adopted three legislative proposals to implement its “1 substance, 1 assessment” reform of chemicals assessment, initiated as part of one of the components of its Green Pact, the Chemicals Strategy for Sustainable Development. The three texts are out for consultation until 5 February 2024, before being examined by the European Parliament and the Council.

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In its press release, the Commission recalls the aims ot this “1 substance, 1 assessment initiative”: streamline assessments of chemicals across EU legislation;,strengthen the knowledge base on chemicals, and ensure early detection and action on emerging chemical risks. All to ensure a better prevention through improved chemicals data management.

The proposals adopted on 7 December detail a number of ways of achieving these objectives. • Strengthen cooperation and consolidate scientific and technical work on chemicals in the European Chemicals Agency, the European Food Safety Authority, the European Environment Agency and the European Medicines Agency. The agencies will be better equipped to align priority setting, timelines, processes, and methodologies used for the assessment of chemicals. Moreover, knowledge gained from assessments under one piece of legislation (for example on biocides) can be re-used for another one (for example in toys)
• Establish a Common Data Platform and introduce a ‘one-stop shop’ access to data on chemicals held by the EU agencies and the Commission, compiled under EU legislation. This includes data on hazards, physico-chemical properties, presence in the environment, emissions, uses, environmental sustainability of chemical substances and on ongoing regulatory processes.
• Establish systematic collection of human biomonitoring data generated in …

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