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Animal testing around the world

Les tests sur les animaux dans le monde

Ingredients, finished products… The question of the ban (or not) on animal testing is no less than a real headache. And poses a question that is increasingly on the agenda: is a “World” vegan product possible? Estelle Dehier, from Labosphere, explains.

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In our development requests, one constraint is becoming more and more common: the wish to have a vegan product.
In order to develop a product that respects this constraint, we must therefore work on two levels from a regulatory point of view
• The conformity of the ingredients entering into the composition of the product
• The conformity of the product itself

For Europe, product compliance is quite easy as animal testing for the finished product has been banned since 11 March 2013.
Vegan certification is possible but it is not yet compulsory to indicate this on the product. It remains a voluntary process. In France, the certification body is “Expertise Végane Europe”.
For ingredients too, testing has been banned in Europe since that date, even if the REACH regulation has complicated matters a little by imposing tests on ingredients for which no alternative evaluation is possible.

It is up to the Person Responsible for placing the finished product on the market to establish their own definition of vegan. So we are faced with a regulatory blur (again!).
It is also important to remember here that the claim “Not tested on animals” is forbidden and that, in this context, cruelty …

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