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Are you COP or POC?


COP 21 was particularly well publicised and the political stakes often masked a whole series of concomitant events that were not really lacking in interest. While COP 21 has come under bad auspices since the US Supreme Court questioned the basis of the agreement signed in Paris, what concerns POC 21 will certainly have more consequences in the lives of some.

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What is POC 21?

Basically, as the headline Libération put it, it is"the bidouille against global warming". In August, a hundred"makers" invaded the Château de Millemont in the Yvelines, with the aim of finalizing twelve innovative projects related to ecological transition and the fight against global warming, to be presented next September at a public exhibition. The"makers" are those electronic and digital device hackers whose movement was launched in 2005 in California and whose French show will be held again in Paris in May 2016 .

POC stands for "Proof of concept": proof of feasibility. This sequence considered as an innovation accelerator was inspired by an event that Open State had organized in 2009, entitled Palomar 5, during which the participants reflected together on concrete solutions, without however conceiving them. To carry out this project, the castle has been completely refurbished. In the living room with the walls covered with floral tapestries, we could see 3D printers placed on pedestal tables. The stables, renamed"Factory", housed laser cutters and other three-axis milling machines, transforming the site into a giant Fablab spell.

What is remarkable about this adventure? Not so much the products that come from it, which we haven't heard much …

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