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In the shoes of an ingredient supplier

Dans la peau d'un fournisseur d'ingrédients

The “labosphere” team went to the in-cosmetics trade show in Paris. This was an opportunity for them to “take the temperature” and evaluate the current trends. As a result, Estelle Dehier wanted to highlight another profession, essential to the cosmetics industry, that of ingredient supplier.

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Just like being a formulator or a regulatory officer, being an ingredient supplier today is not an easy job.
What does it mean to be a GOOD ingredient supplier? It is not a job that can be learned at school, there is no diploma for it. Some will say that it is enough to be a good salesman… The Labosphere team does not think so.

There is no room for error in the professional world, whether it be regulatory, technical or economic. Each actor in the value chain must be rigorous in his approach.
Formulation is a complex business, which today more than ever requires a very fine selection of ingredients. Each ingredient included in a formula must be legitimate at a time when the number of INCIs in the list of ingredients is widely accepted.

If one were to draw a picture of the qualities that an ingredient supplier should have, it would be this.

The first quality: technical skills

Above all, a good ingredient supplier must have a thorough knowledge of its catalogue.
Technical assistance is essential and the supplier must be an effective support, either by providing technical answers himself via his applications laboratory, or by putting …

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