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Technological innovation in the world of beauty


It has been talked about for a long time, and some, among whom I had tried modestly to contribute, have already pointed out the interest that innovative technologies could present in the world of cosmetology. But we can now consider that things are exploding. There is hardly a week left where a new Application does not appear.

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Locating a doctor, reminding you to take the right pill and even supporting you if you are depressed, your smartphone is already capable, thanks to many applications specialized in health and well-being. More sophisticated sensors (and their associated applications) that communicate with your device to study your sleep or perform an electrocardiogram (ECG) are another step towards mobile health.

The spearhead of this revolution in the way we treat, the first"all-in-one" medical smartphone was developed by an Israeli company, LifeWatch Technologies, one of the leaders in the field of home medical monitoring. Another device specially developed for consumers concerned about their health and well-being was unveiled in December 2012 by Scanadu, hosted by NASA's Ames Laboratories in California. Called Scanadu Scout, this device looks like a small box, connected by Bluetooth to a Smartphone. Pending FDA approval, the device will be sold for less than $150 and should use an application running on iOS, Android and Windows. Placed on the temple, this device allows to display in less than ten seconds the body temperature, the heart rate and its variability, using algorithms interpreting the electrical activity of the heart. It also displays the pulse transit time (the time between the …

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