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Thursday, May 25, 2023Experts

When the body speaks out

Quand le corps s'exprime

In a context that remains anxious and where there are not many opportunities to smile, Estelle Dehier, from Labosphere, wanted to offer you a little lightness and cheerfulness. Born on a whim, the idea of this article was launched during a lunch break: to find the expressions of the French language that we could use in connection with the body.

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Labosphere is known for its expertise in cosmetic formulation but not only. The diversity and complexity of the projects he is entrusted with in different fields make him go from one idea to another, and one thing leading to another, its advances in his projects.
This article is a perfect illustration!

In less than an hour, we came up with no less than a hundred expressions using the different parts of our bodies. Without getting our brains in a knot, we had a lot of fun discussing this fun topic! We also learnt a lot and were able to exchange within the team about regional expressions for example. In this first part, we invite you to discover the French expressions related to the face, in a non-exhaustive list, of course! And as you can already see, not all parts of the face are as inspiring as the others and are therefore not all in the same boat!

The head and face in general

Avoir la tête dure - Being hard-headed
We all know what this expression means. But do you know that it has a religious origin and that it comes from a sentence of God reported to Moses: “I …

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