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Tuesday, April 16, 2024Headlines

Dove says no to artificial intelligence in its advertising campaigns

Dove dit non à l'intelligence artificielle dans ses campagnes publicitaires

The cosmetics brand that campaigns for self-esteem has just unveiled its new crusade. In its latest commercial, Dove US said it did not want to integrate content created by artificial intelligence, so as not to promote unrealistic beauty standards.

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In the video The Code - Dove Self-Esteem Project, the brand shows a young woman using an image generator. She asks the AI to imagine a perfect woman. Each time, the tool suggests characters with flawless complexions, doe eyes, snub noses and full lips… creatures of dreams, in short.

“One in three girls feels compelled to change her appearance because of what she sees online, even if she knows the images are fake or generated by AI. The rise of AI is one of the biggest threats to real beauty,” explains Dove. “That’s why we’re committed to never using technology that distorts women’s perception of themselves.”

But Dove doesn’t want to stop there. According to the brand, if AI proposes images so little faithful to true human beauty, it’s because of collective thinking and standards dictated by society. “To help set new digital standards of representation, we imagined the Real Beauty Prompt Playbook. It includes easy-to-use tips for creating true-to-life content with the most popular generative AI programs, as well as a glossary of terms to make your messages more inclusive.”

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