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Tuesday, October 6, 2020Headlines

Illipe Butter: a low odour grade launched by Forestwise

Beurre d'Illipé : un grade de faible odeur lancé par Forestwise

Forestwise is a supplier of cosmetic and food ingredients from the rainforest of Borneo, whose mission is to use its resources in a sustainable and responsible way to preserve it. At In-cosmetics Virtual, which takes place from 6 to 8 October, it is launching a new grade of Illipe Butter, specifically designed to have a very discreet scent.

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ForestWise already has several types of Illipe butter in its portfolio. It is adding a new one, refined, decolorised and above all deodorized.
This sustainable Illipe Butter is made from wild harvested seeds, and its refinement has been designed to meet the high demand from cosmetic manufacturers.

Dirk-Jan Oudshoorn, Founder of Forestwise, gave the reason behind this decision: “We listened to our customers. They’re determined to use this wonderful emollient at higher levels in body butters and similar skin care applications. At these elevated levels the natural odour of Illipe can mask fragrances. So, by introducing a low odour grade we think that this will broaden the appeal of Illipe and help our mission to prevent deforestation in Borneo.”

Illipe Butter is a natural butter expelled from the seeds of the endangered Shorea Stenoptera tree found only in Borneo. The island, a biodiversity hotspot, has experienced devastating levels of deforestation in recent years and the Forestwise project, which engages with the island community in the collection of the seeds and production of the butter, means that 135 square metres of rain forest can be saved for each 1 kilogram of butter sold.

Dirk-Jan added: “For our refining partner we’ve chosen …

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