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Where do French women buy their organic or natural cosmetics?

Où les Françaises achètent-elles leurs cosmétiques bio ou naturels ?

From 4 to 8 February 2022, Harris Interactive conducted an online study among a representative sample of French women aged 18 to 50 (according to the quota method). The study showed that natural and organic cosmetics had taken an important place in the purchasing behaviour of French women, while revealing that the places of purchase were not necessarily those that one thinks of at first sight…

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The Harris Interactive study, commissioned by the Slow Cosmetics Label, shows that 92% of French women aged 18 to 50 buy natural or organic cosmetics at least once a year. Among them, 59% do so at least once every three months.
French women say they buy these products mainly in supermarkets and hypermarkets (76%), whereas one might think that organic shops, the Internet or parapharmacies would be more appropriate for this type of product.
In reality, only 17% of French women go to organic shops to buy their cosmetics. 41% of French women say they also buy their cosmetics in pharmacies/parapharmacies. E-commerce stores are frequented by 25% of French women for these purchases.

A purchase mainly guided by health concerns

The study showed that French women choose their cosmetic products primarily on criteria related to the preservation of their health (47%).
Respect for the environment is a less important choice criterion (17%).
Other criteria also come into play, but to a lesser extent. Thus, despite the media and political context that often mentions it, local production or “Made in France” only motivates 8% of French women.

Interest in Slow Cosmetics

Commissioned by the Slow Cosmetics label, this survey also focused …

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