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Monday, May 15, 2023News

Givaudan Active Beauty creates the B-Biome Score

Givaudan Active Beauty crée le B-Biome Score

At a time when the beauty industry is becoming increasingly sensitive to the notion of skin microbiota, Givaudan Active Beauty is launching the B-Biome Score. The aim of this label is to rate each active ingredient in a cosmetic formula according to its impact on the microbiome.

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Today, we know that in order to have a healthy skin, it is important to respect its bacterial flora.
To help brands create “biome friendly” products, Givaudan Active Beauty has developed a rating system based on the same concept as the well-known Nutri-Score.

Each active ingredient in a formula is rated from A to E, based on three scientific criteria:
• The short-term impact after one application on the skin
• The cumulative impact after several days of application on the skin
• The resilience of microbial viability after application has stopped

“In recent years, consumers have become familiar with the skin microbiome trend and its benefits are now highly sought after. A recent global study conducted by our teams showed that 84% of people found the B-Biome certificate innovative and 79% would be willing to purchase a product with it,” explains Givaudan. “Developed by experts at our Microbiome Center of Excellence in Toulouse, France, B-Biome Score offers a scientifically proven evaluation method in an open format, allowing beauty brands to quickly understand the impact of ingredients on the skin microbiome.”

This tool is intended to be transparent (all criteria are explained and based on proven science) and accessible to …

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