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Tuesday, June 30, 2020News

Innova BM transforms the Orpheus flower into an anti-ageing active ingredient

Innova BioTech transforme la fleur d'Orphée en actif anti-âge

The Orpheus flower (Haberlea rhodopensis) has been on earth for several million years, survived the ice ages and has been used by man for centuries for its detoxifying, regenerating and healing properties. It is now protected and it is forbidden to pick it. Thanks to the support of science and in vitro culture, Innova BM has been able to concentrate its anti-aging activity in its new active ingredient: InnovaBioTech Haberlea.

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The extraordinary properes of Haberlea rhodopensis have been known and cherished by the first civilizaon on the Balkan Peninsula - the Thracians, who used it as a sacred flower in their burial and resurrecon rituals. It was named after the legendary Thracian musician and healer Orpheus. Legend has it that Orpheus used the plant to make ambrosia – the drink of the gods that bestows immortality. The ancient Romans also treasured its powers of restoring health and strength and depicted it on coins. In later mes, Chrisan churches were decorated with it because of its resurrecon properes.

A plant

To describe this extraordinary plant, it can be said that it is:
Ancient: It is a glacial plant relic, the existence of which dates back to the Oligocene (33.9 mil to 23 mil years ago). It has survived a major ice age
Able to resurrect: It possesses biochemical mechanisms of resurrection after prolonged stress condions. It can go up to 30 months without a drop of water and literally resurrect, restoring the natural biochemical composition of its cells
Rare and protected: Its natural habitat is only 32 small areas in the Rhodope and Balkan mountains. …

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