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Regetaste, the new upcycled active ingredient that makes your skin sing by Codif Technologie Naturelle

Regetaste, le nouvel ingrédient actif upcyclé qui fait chanter votre peau by Codif Technologie Naturelle

Did you know that your skin talks to you? Yes, it even sings! And Regetaste, the new active ingredient from Codif Technologie Naturelle, softens its song!

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New efficacy study with the Touchy Finger®, which measures the way the skin sings

Are you familiar with tribology? It’s the study of the softness of skin through noise. And yes, there is a link between the texture of the skin and its “song!”
To measure the softness of this skin melody, Codif Technologie Naturelle uses the Touchy Finger®, an instrument inspired by the way the human finger works, developed to measure the softness of surfaces.

The Touchy Finger® has been used to measure the way the skin sings after using Regetaste. A reduction of 2.2dB*** was measured, which is equivalent to the skin singing 20 times softer.

But how did REGETASTE achieve this result? By acting on epidermal senescence!

TOUCHY FINGER measurements (x3/condition) BEFORE (left) and AFTER (right) 2 weeks application of Regetaste.
The skin’s edge is softer after treatment with Regetaste.

Epidermal senescence, a new anti-ageing target

CODIF is at the origin of the Poly-Mer project, a colossal project involving numerous players in the field to identify new skin targets. Poly-Mer has shown, through the creation of a senescent skin model, that senescent keratinocytes lead to destructuring of the stratum corneum, a loss of cohesion, a reduction in the thickness of the epidermis and a reduction in the number of living cells. Senescence is involved in the breakdown of the skin barrier, leading to a dull complexion and rough skin. But how do you counteract it? Codif awakens our skin’s senses.

Taste, the forgotten sense of cosmetics

We have bitterness receptors, TAS2Rs, on the surface of our skin. TAS2Rs activate epidermal differentiation processes and inhibit cellular senescence. To reverse epidermal senescence, Codif Technologie Naturelle has created Regetaste.
This up-cycled active ingredient comes from the pomace of a Breton apple, the Marie Ménard, a bitter cider apple.

Regetaste reverses epidermal senescence

By targeting TAS2Rs, Regetaste reverses epidermal senescence in a completely new way. Regetaste activates epidermal regeneration and thus reinforces the skin’s barrier function, reducing desquamation and leaving the skin smoother, softer, fresher and more radiant.

The results of Regetaste

• Improvement in the cutaneous barrier: 12%*** after 7 days (Regetaste 2%)
• Improved skin texture: +36%**
• Improved radiance of the complexion: +74%***
*p<0.05 / **p<0.01 / ***p<0.0001 Student test

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