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Tuesday, January 24, 2023News

Seppic honors water in its new formulas

Seppic met à l'honneur l'eau dans ses nouvelles formules

This year, the theme of the Cosmétagora 2023 Formulation Awards (held in Paris on January 10 and 11) was “The Wave”. For the occasion, ingredient supplier Seppic unveiled two formulas that contain less water and are respectful of the marine ecosystem.

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Cosmétagora is the meeting place for cosmetic formulation. The opportunity for ingredient suppliers to imagine concepts to illustrate how their active ingredients can be used. This year, Seppic presented the Blue Beauty kit which consists of two products.

It includes a powdered shower gel that can be reconstituted (whose raw materials are easily biodegradable) and an SPF 50 sun cream (formulated with fat-soluble UV filters).

Seppic has worked around several axes:
• Water reduction
• Responsible and local sourcing (the active ingredients come from Brittany)
• Protection of the oceans
“Blue Beauty highlights the interconnection between people and their environment and how each can interact with the other. Sustainable development must be holistic, cooperative and take into account all stakeholders, from the use of raw materials to the use of the final product. The objective of Blue Beauty is to respect and preserve nature, especially the oceans, while offering effective, safe and innovative skincare products”, explains the company.

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