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Monday, June 3, 2024News

The French Senate approves the ban on PFAS

Le Sénat français valide l'interdiction des PFAS

Following on from the National Assembly on 4 April, the Senate on 30 May 2024 voted unanimously, with one abstention, in favour of banning PFAS in several types of consumer product, including cosmetics. The text was adopted with a few changes to the original.

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This proposed law aims to prohibit the manufacture, import, export and placing on the market, whether in return for payment or free of charge, of several types of products, including cosmetics, containing PFAS from 1 January 2026.
It also comes in parallel with the proposed restriction initiated at European level on 7 February 2023, and the senators, while adopting the ban at national level, intend to give priority to the European framework for adopting cross-cutting restrictions on the production and use of PFAS.

Compared with the National Assembly’s proposal, the Senate has excluded products containing residual traces of PFAS from the ban.
The Senate’s other contributions include:
• Improved monitoring and penalties for non-compliance with restrictions
• Making available to the public a map of the quantities of PFAS emitted into the natural environment and publishing the PFAS analysis programme for bottled water
• Clarification of the terms and conditions for applying the levy provided for…

The text must now undergo a second reading in the National Assembly, which may make further amendments.

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