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Practical, sustainable: the French view of packaging

Pratique, durable : l'emballage vu par les Français

Every two years, the ALL4PACK trade show brings together the beating heart of the packaging industry. At a time when manufacturers are facing real challenges in terms of waste management, the event’s organizing team conducted a survey to find out how consumers and professionals perceive sustainable packaging. The results were unveiled at a press conference on July 4, 2024.

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This survey was carried out by the OpinionWay polling institute on April 29 and 30, 2024, on a sample of 1,039 people representative of the French population.

For respondents, the container is as important as the content. 63% pay attention to packaging when buying a product. They are also concerned about climate issues. “87% of French people make the link between over-packaging and environmental protection, reflecting a growing awareness of sustainable practices,” comments Hélène Tsoungui, ALL4PACK Marketing Director in charge of the presentation.
The respondents go even further: for them, packaging has a direct impact on protecting nature. 85% support the idea that public authorities should encourage initiatives to improve regulations. For them, the packaging industry should be more “responsible”.

And in practice? According to the figures presented, panelists prefer to buy products with environmentally-friendly containers (93%).
41% do so if the product meets their needs, regardless of the brand, and if the cost remains competitive with non-ecological alternatives.

Professionals’ perceptions

To add further nuance to this study, ALL4PACK surveyed its community (manufacturers, packaging manufacturers, distributors, design offices, etc.).
According to the respondents, packaging is crucial when it comes to bringing a FMCG product to market.

For professionals, the industry …

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