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Tuesday, May 23, 2023News

Sustainable packaging: a strong consumer expectation

Packagings durables : une attente forte des consommateurs

In the face of the climate emergency, is the general public really ready to change its habits and adopt new habits? To answer these questions, the metal packaging supplier Trivium has teamed up with Euromonitor to conduct a consumer survey.

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This survey was conducted among more than 9000 people living in Europe, North America and South America.

Global stress

All respondents indicated that they had recently experienced periods of disruption (inflation, geopolitical context, health crisis…).
These events have led the panel to rethink their place in society.
They show a willingness to anchor themselves in a more sustainable dynamic in order to guarantee a better planet for all. Thus, 66% of respondents consider themselves to be sensitive to the environmental situation. Seventy-one percent try to buy more locally and 59% try to reduce their waste.

Consumers are aware of the impact of packaging, once thrown away, on the Earth.
79% look for products in sustainable packaging and 63% say they are less likely to choose a product whose container is harmful to nature.
“This is especially true for younger generations and those with above-average incomes. Gen Z and Millennials show a strong preference for sustainable packaging,” Trivium explains.

Despite this growing interest, a gap remains. More than half of the panelists say that most of the things they currently buy do not have a responsible package.
88% of respondents say they wish the beauty products they enjoy were packaged more …

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