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Tuesday, March 7, 2023News

Texen unveils its Rainbow collection

Texen dévoile sa collection Rainbow

At Makeup MakeUp in Los Angeles 2023, the packaging supplier introduced its Rainbow line. Designed to be practical and minimalist, this line offers double-ended solutions to facilitate gesture and makeup application.

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“Named ‘Rainbow’ for the notion of color and plurality it evokes, this collection aims to simplify and energize the skincare and makeup routine. It brings together solutions identified by our partners around the world. Each product has been chosen for its multiple uses, application areas and formula combinations that they offer to brands. Apply, treat, draw, sculpt, discipline, blend, correct, blur…, all the gestures are there, optimized by the ingenious principle of the ‘double tip,’” explains Texen.

The collection is based on eight references

Double eyes
On one side, the beveled tip draws the line of the eye. On the other, the tip corrects and refines the line in a single stroke.

Double brows
Define, structure, style, blend, it can do it all. The tip colors and defines, the brush blends and disciplines.

Double crease
Draw, enhance, blend thanks to its dual use. Once the formula is applied, the brush diffuses to reveal or soften facial contrasts. It can be adapted to several types of products: concealer, illuminator, contouring, blush.

Double cheeks
The formula appears with a twist and the foam tip helps apply it.

Double star
The double accord between solid formula and brush allows to apply blending, defining, …

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