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Latest news on the biome friendly cosmetics scene

Du nouveau sur le front des cosmétiques biome friendly

From specific eye contour microbiomes to fermented waters and live probiotics to edible foods, innovations abound this spring. Meadowsweet and probiotics will become more and more essential in our care and hygiene products. Cherishing your bacteria can be confusing in a world as glamorous as beauty. Yeasts, fungi, and micro-organisms will be a good match for consumers’ dream demand? Are they paving the way for a new way of formulating, but also of talking about cosmetics? Probably…

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When bacteria make eyes at us

Eye contours and bacteria, a theme that until then had not been touched on much, but which could only fascinate Marie Drago, founder of Gallinée and… contact lens wearer!
“The microbiome of the eye, even if it represents a very small surface, is a planet unto itself. Different colonies of bacteria live on the surface of the eye or on the edge of the eyelids, or on the skin around the eye,” says this Doctor of Pharmacy, holder of several patents on the microbiome. The bacterial flora is very specific, because the eye contour is at the meeting point of two microbiomes, that of the skin and that of the eye, hence the increased sensitivity and accelerated aging. Make-up, touching, removing make-up and rubbing the eyes further disrupts the bacterial balance."
That’s why she has just developed a new Eye Contour Cream with prebiotics and probiotics (15 ml, €24), specifically adapted to this area where lactic acid (widely used in biome friendly face care products) is prohibited for example.
This treatment formulated for the most sensitive eyes contains, in addition to moisturisers that do not swell the eyes (olive squalane…), various innovative probiotics that …

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