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Thursday, January 12, 2023Products

Eye products with vitamin C (3/3)

Les soins contour des yeux à la vitamine C (3/3)

Most of them contain vitamin C derivatives (and not pure ascorbic acid) because of the sensitivity of this area, which would have difficulty withstanding an acidic pH, and target a new and interesting action: the tiny pigment spots around the eyes, which create shadows that accentuate dark circles. They can be found in all distribution channels, from the most luxurious to the most accessible.

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It all started with Paula’s Choice.
The beauty papess is, in fact, notoriously known for being against eye care, believing that if the facial is not scented, it can be applied around the eyes.
And yet, in November 2022, she presented an eye care product containing 5% vitamin C, hyaluronic acid and polypeptides (C5 Super Boost Eye cream, 15 ml airless pump bottle, €45).
This treatment is very useful for reducing all the pigmentary micro-spots around the eyes (one of the actions of vitamin C, which regulates melanin synthesis) that accentuate dark circles. These micro stains can be generated by UV rays, but also by all sorts of inflammations that can result from “behavioral tics”, such as moving one’s glasses around the eyes.
It contains a vitamin C derivative, is formulated at a physiological pH (i.e. around 5.5) and acts on dark circles of dark/medium/dark skin.

This is also the case with Biolumin C Eye Serum by Dermalogica (Contour Yeux Eclat à la Vitamine C, 15 ml, €74), which also acts on eye contours with pigmentation marks, thanks to an exclusive complex of stable and bioavailable vitamin C derivatives, smoothing chia seed extracts and Tremella and Poria mushrooms, which improve …

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