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Tuesday, May 10, 2022Products

Gaiia launches a new range of lime-tree cold-saponified soaps

Gaiia lance une nouvelle gamme de savons saponifiés à froid au tilleul

Gaiia, the king of cold-saponified soap, has created a complete line of certified organic solids (and its first liquid!) with the sweet scent of lime-tree. Really comfortable, they offer a soft and moisturizing wash, even if you have dry and sensitive skin, like all the cold process soaps of the brand.

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Named “17 rue des Tilleuls”, after the address of the Gaiia soap factory in the Drôme, this new range is formulated with organic lime tree extract from the Baronnies Provençales with softening virtues, rich in moisturizing mucilage and soothing and antioxidant flavonoids.
The solid soaps, 100% natural origin, are cold saponified, like all the solid soaps of the brand (the stamp “cold saponified soap” applies only to solids) with natural and organic ingredients, including unprocessed vegetable oils (olive, coconut, sunflower, castor, jojoba), and shea butter.

They offer a beautiful and generous foam, but above all they are 7% superfatted and contain 8% natural vegetable glycerin (which only a cold-saponified soap can provide), which makes them gentle cleansers that respect the hydrolipidic film.
Indeed, oils and glycerin are not completely eliminated with the rinsing and leave on the skin a light protective film, from where the total absence of feeling of tightness. The delicate scent of lime blossom with its sweet and slightly honeyed fragrance (particularly successful, especially in the liquid!) is 100% natural.

The collection consists of six products: Cold Processed Soap Face (100 g, €6.50, no fragrance added), Cold Processed Soap Body (150 g, €8.50), Cold Processed …

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