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Les lignes Aroma

These new ranges that help you relax, boost your energy or breathe better are the added value of the moment to boost body care. They invite you to slow down and take time for yourself, like a beneficial interlude. Wellness has never been so much in the air!

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Essential oils are back in the spotlight to greet the arrival of spring. Clarins, which has been using them since 1954 (creation of its first 100% plant extracted face and body oils that care for the skin and mind), is launching a new skincare water that uses the revitalizing scent of essential oils and the action of plants to perfume and soften: L’Eau Extraordinaire (50 ml, €31 or 100 ml, €53).
Based on blue orchid, macadamia, patchouli, lotus, field mint, almond tree, kalanchoe officinal, gaultheria… this fresh, floral fragrance features the invigorating notes of citrus and red ginger, the radiant sweetness of jasmine, and the comfort of cedar wood and patchouli. It can be applied as a spray or in large splashes at any time: in the morning to start the day, in the evening to reconnect with oneself or after a yoga session to prolong the benefits and feel in harmony.

The brand is taking advantage of this opportunity to renew its Clarins Aroma line, which offers face oils made with organic hazelnut oil as well as body care products with essential oils and plant extracts. With its patchouli essential oil and blue orchid, Blue Orchid Oil …

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