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Solid face scrubs

Les gommages visage solides

In the solid cosmetic family, I ask for the face scrub! It’s the last one to go up… Very simple to use, often formulated with upcycled ingredients and certified organic, it’s ecological, economical and lasts a long time…

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Vegan formulas, without preservatives or synthetic dyes, without soap and especially without water for a perfect eco-responsibility, ingredients mainly of natural origin and/or certified organic according to COSMOS, eco-designed boxes in recycled cardboard and totally biodegradable formulas… nothing to say, the solid exfoliants for the face are all that there is more ecologically correct!

Very quick to use, simply rub the moistened bar over your wet face, gently massaging the skin, before rinsing thoroughly. After each use, it is preferable to let it dry naturally on a dry and ventilated surface (of course, you should not let it soak in water!).

Among the first, those of Nivea which proposes two in its Naturally Clean range in GMS (Nettoyant Visage Solide, Gommage Purifiant or Nettoyant Visage Solide, Gommage Réducteur de Pores, 75 g, €4.99 each). Their shapes with rounded corners are ergonomic and perfectly fit the contours of the face. Rather reserved for the skins with imperfections, they are certified COSMOS Natural and contain respectively 100% and 99% of ingredients of natural origin, of which activated carbon for the first, clay (kaolin) and an extract of green tea for the second.

The one Kiehl’s has just released (Rare Earth …

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