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Tuesday, May 9, 2023Products news

Talika launches Lipocils Démaquillant, an eye make-up remover that stimulates lash growth!

Talika lance Lipocils Démaquillant, un démaquillant soin regard qui stimule la pousse des cils !

As we know, the brand is known for its Lipocils treatment that strengthens the lashes. Alexis de Brosses, Talika’s CEO, was inspired by this historic product to create this new eye makeup remover balm that not only removes all makeup, but also stimulates lash growth and cares for the eye contour.

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From the very beginning of its history, Talika already stood out, thanks to its iconic Eyelash Growth Cream, designed, as a reminder, in 1948 by a young nurse in the ophthalmology department of the Paris Hospitals, to treat the eyes of the wounded during the Second World War.
The cream had an unexpected side effect as her patients’ eyelashes and eyebrows grew spectacularly thanks to the powerful plant complex (witch hazel, apple, nettle, horse chestnut and St. John’s wort) at the heart of its formula.

Alexis de Brosses was inspired by this historic product to create this new solid eye makeup remover balm, formulated without water, preservatives or coloring agents, with 97% of ingredients of natural origin (Lipocils Démaquillant, Démaquillant Soin Regard, 30 ml, €36.50).

Not only does it effectively remove makeup (highly pigmented eyeshadow, waterproof makeup… nothing resists its ultra-melting texture), it also stimulates lash growth and cares for the eye contour area. An innovative triple use and above all, a new way of considering makeup removal.
Until now, we tended to consider that it had this annoying habit of damaging the lashes and we have to admit that the repeated rubbing of the cotton on our eyes is …

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