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Ulé, the first beauty brand from a French vertical farm

Ulé, première marque de beauté issue d’une ferme verticale française

Developed in intrapreneurial mode within the Shiseido Group, Ulé is reinventing the future of botanical skincare. The brand adopts an avant-garde method of cultivation from an eco-farm just outside Paris. It takes up the challenge of combining “beauty tech” and “natural beauty” by creating its own extracts in a short circuit.

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Created by Lindsay Azpitarte (formerly in charge of the Shiseido Group’s prestige skincare brands for Europe), the start-up ticks all the boxes of ecology and “cosmetic correctness”: a new model of indoor urban agriculture, vegan, clean and traceable formulas containing at least 96% ingredients of natural origin, extreme botanical freshness thanks to a local short-circuit, eco-design with bottles made of stretched glass to reduce the mass of glass, caps made of bio-sourced material…

Grown without pesticides in an ideal cocoon, the plants (Tulsi, Centella asiatica and Coleus, for the moment) are supplied with nutrient-rich water by vertical aeroponics, then transformed into super-active extracts.
This virtuous circle is meticulously maintained every day under the shelter of bad weather through nineteen monitoring parameters.
Thus, at any time of the year, the quality and quantity of the plants produced remain stable and conform to the brand’s requirements.
Moreover, this eco-farm is the only way to use the most powerful exotic plants, while preserving their freshness and therefore their nutrients.

Grown in Saint-Nom-la-Bretêche, cold-ground in Château-Renault and packaged in Orléans, the plants travel only 340 kilometers! Green energy, regulated water consumption in a closed circuit… the vertical farm is a model of …

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