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Wednesday, August 3, 2022Regulation

Lilial: banned, but still present in some cosmetics on the market, according to the SCAV

Lilial : interdit, mais encore présent dans certains cosmétiques sur le marché, selon le SCAV

Since March 1, 2022, Butylphenyl Methylpropional (Lilial) is prohibited in cosmetics because of its toxic potential for the human body. The Service de la Consommation et des Affaires Vétérinaires of Geneva (SCAV) has therefore carried out checks at several distributors to see if products containing this substance had been withdrawn from sale. Results: non-conforming care products were found in 17% of the inspected shops.

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Following the ban on Lilial, the SCAV conducted a control campaign among the various distributors. In total, 151 cosmetics were inspected.

In the large-scale distribution, the results are satisfactory since only one of the 81 products inspected contained Lilial.
On the other hand, among small retailers (hairdressers, barbers and specialized distributors), the SCAV noted cases of non-compliance. Out of 70 products tested, 17% did not comply with legal requirements. The majority of the challenged products were “leave-on” products (beard or hair oil or wax, aftershave, spray, hair care or lotion, eau de toilette and candle/body massage oil). The non-compliant products were all subject to a market withdrawal decision.

These results and the discussions held with some of the retailers inspected show that they are unaware of this ban, but also that they have clearly failed in their duty of self-checking. The responsibility of some retailers is not well understood and it is useful to recall that it is up to them to ensure that the products sold comply with the legal requirements in force,“ comments the SCAV.

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