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Tuesday, September 8, 2015SCCS

Deoxyarbutin, UV filter S86: 2 Opinions of the SCCS

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The first one has been adopted on 25 June 2015 during the 10th plenary meeting of the SCCS, the second one by written procedure on 13 July 2015. These two Opinions have just been published and are open for comments until 23 October 2015.

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Deoxyarbutin CAS n. 53936-56-4 with INCI name Tetrahydropyranyloxy Phenol is a skin lightening agent synthesised through removal of hydroxyl groups from the glucose side-chain of β-Arbutin. In the first opinion (SCCP/1158/08) on β-Arbutin adopted on 15th April 2008 the SCCP raised concerns with other substances resulting in the release and/or formation of hydroquinone.
A dossier on the related substance, Deoxyarbutin, was submitted to the European Commission by Girindius AG in 2008.

For exhaustive background information, see the article
Arbutin(s): three requests for Opinion to SCCS (March 30, 2015)


 1. Does the SCCS consider on the basis of the provided scientific data, the use of deoxyarbutin to be safe for consumers in cosmetic products in a concentration up to 3% in face creams?

Although on the basis of the provided scientific data the use of deoxyarbutin as such can be considered safe for consumers in cosmetic products in a concentration up to 3% in face creams, hydroquinone will be formed at levels which raise concerns with regard to the safety of such products during life-cycle of the product (e.g. storage conditions and stability under in-use conditions). Therefore, the overall conclusion of the SCCS is that the use …

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