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A guide to implementing the restriction on microplastics

Un guide d'application de la restriction des microplastiques

On 14 February 2024, Cosmetics Europe and the EfCI (European Federation for Cosmetic Ingredients) published a guide to help the industry understand and apply the European restriction on microplastics, which will apply from 17 October 2027.

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It was instituted by European Regulation 2023/2055, which imposes new restrictions on synthetic polymer microparticles (SPMs) and defines which ones are concerned.
However, as the whole thing is fairly technical, it turns out that it’s not that easy for manufacturers to determine whether an ingredient is a SPM or not.

Cosmetics Europe and the EfCI have drawn up this guide to help them in this process, and to provide an update on the obligations they have to fulfil.
After a reminder of the key elements of the Regulation (definition of an SPM, substances not covered by the restriction, derogations, application deadlines, information requirements, labelling, declarations to ECHA, etc.), the guide proposes decision trees enabling :
• To conclude whether or not a substance is an SPM, and a list of test methods to help in the decision
• To find out whether an SPM is subject to derogation

It then details the application dates for each type of product, the labelling requirements and the data to be sent to ECHA.
The Guide also contains FAQs and a list of useful definitions and abbreviations.

The Guide CE/EFfCI Guidance on the EU Microplastics Restriction is available free of charge on the …

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