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A new OCTA for the cosmetic apprenticeship tax

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Cosmed lets it know that a new body, a National Organism to collect and assign the apprenticeship tax (an OCTA, as per the French acronym) dedicated to the French cosmetic world. Cosmed, an association of cosmetic SMEs, is now an accredited collection organism, and is happy to have a new tool in favor of young workers and of the forward-looking skills management. Jean-Marc Giroux, the Cosmed President, is in the opinion that training is one of the missions of a professional organism, and that the entire industry will get benefits by getting more money.

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The Cosmed press release

By an order of the Ministry of Labor, Employment and professional training, issued in the Official Journal of the French Republic on 9 December 2012, Cosmed has been accredited as a collector and distributor organism for the apprenticeship tax, for the entire national cosmetic industry. This mission has been given to a dedicated structure, OCTA Cosmétiques.

Why an OCTA specific to the cosmetic industry?

Currently, the full amount of the apprenticeship tax paid by companies must be given to the state tax collectors and vocational training centers, through many different bodies. These non-specialized fund-collectors and-distributors, lacking of any knowledge about the specific needs of the cosmetic industry, give a large part of this tax to other sectors. This is a loss of means for the training centers, and lowers the future salary people options to be hired.

By paying their taxes to an OCTA dedicated to the cosmetic world, companies will have an increased power on the way a part of this tax can be used in the training centers the most in line with the needs of the companies.

Which companies may use the OCTA Cosmétiques services to comply with the regulation about the declaration …

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