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Diadermine wants to reconcile consumers with their wrinkles

Diadermine souhaite réconcilier les consommatrices avec leurs rides

Natural and yet so taboo, wrinkles and other expressions of the passing of time have long been in the cosmetics industry’s sights. Today, brands have a more benevolent view and want to help consumers accept themselves as they are. This is the case of Diadermine, which has just launched a new campaign that honors wrinkles.

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“We are aware that we have contributed to the diktats of ageing, and we dare to question ourselves and our own practices,” says the brand.
In concrete terms, Diadermine is changing its approach to skin aging.
A panel of men and women between the ages of 30 and 80 was brought together to understand how they view themselves and the passing of time.
The experiment was filmed. “Through these interviews, Diadermine invites us to free ourselves from our representations of age, to free ourselves from the gender inequality that allows men to age better than women, and to free ourselves from any diktat.”

Diadermine doesn’t stop there. The brand also supports the Force Femme association and is committed to helping women over 45 return to the job market.

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