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French organic cosmetics market: good resistance and promising prospects

Marché cosmétique bio français : une bonne résistance et de belles perspectives

On the occasion of its 20th anniversary, the Cosmébio association commissioned IFOP to conduct a study on the organic cosmetics market and its consumers in 2022. The results were unveiled at a press conference on 27 September.

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Cosmébio has just celebrated its 20th anniversary. It is now the world’s leading association dedicated to natural and organic cosmetics, with 561 members (ingredient suppliers, subcontractors, laboratories and own-brand distributors, etc.), representing 730 brands and more than 15,200 labelled organic cosmetic products.

“We can see that organic cosmetics are holding up very well, even though the period is seeing a decline in many sectors of activity,” introduced Romain Ruth. “And Cosmébio has become the benchmark for genuine organic cosmetics, recognised by consumers.
For Cosmébio’s President, the Covid crisis has further strengthened consumers’ appetite for organic cosmetics by reminding everyone
”of the obvious link between the environment and health, and how simple everyday gestures such as washing and moisturising your hands, which are the basis of cosmetic gestures, are also health gestures.”*

The organic cosmetics market

Of course, today the market is impacted by the inflationary context in two ways. On one side of the chain, the increase in the price of raw materials, such as sunflower oil, makes organic cosmetic formulas more expensive. On the other hand, general inflation impacts on consumer behaviour, which may lead to choices being made at the time of purchase.

Against this background, the organic …

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