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Employees on social networks, an opportunity to seize

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Cosmetic brands have invested in social networks, and employees in the sector are also present. While every employee naturally represents his company's brands on a daily basis, he expresses himself very little on professional social networks, due to cultural and organizational obstacles. However, it is in the interest of employers and employees to make common cause to appropriate the individual uses of these new tools. Analysis by Anne Aime, Founding Partner of 2Way Consulting.

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Brands and employees: separate… use

Almost all the brands are present on social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest…) in order to promote their products, sometimes also as an employer brand for the biggest companies (affirmed policy of the L'Oréal group or Roche).

For their part, the employees have crossed the milestone. In the cosmetics sector as in other sectors of activity, the phenomenon is widespread. Beyond the opening of online profiles, there is a clear distinction of use, with Facebook for the extension of personal social life (family and friends) and LinkedIn and Viadeo for professional presence. If the cold uses of the"database" type still predominate (professional directory and e-mail sending) on professional networks, the social uses (informal exchanges) develop under the impulse of the new functionalities proposed by the pro networks (ex. : the invitation to congratulate at the time of a change of position or to testify of the skills of the others), and thus give a real viral power to these tools.

But whereas in the so-called"real world", during working hours, each employee is a natural ambassador for his or her company (more or less depending on the function), and while brands and employees frequent the same …

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